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Member of Associations

1. Indian Society of Gastroenterology

2. Indian Association for Study of Liver.

3. Indian Academy Of Gastroenterology.

4. Indian Society of Gastroenterology Endoscopy.

5. Association of Physician of Indian.

6. American Society of Gastroenterology Endoscopy.

7. American Society of Gastroenterology.

8. Member of National Academy of Medical Science.

9. Member of National Academy of Sciences.

Dr.-Manisha Dwivedi

Dr. Manisha Dwivedi


1-Gold Medal in Physiology
2-Gold Medal in Juris Prudence
3-Gold Medal in Social and preventive medicine
4-Gold Medal in obstetrics Gynecology
5-Award Paper of Honor in Physiology
6-Award Paper of Honor in Social and Preventive Medicine.
7-Award Paper of Honor in Juris Prudence
8-Award Paper of Honor in Pharmacology
9-Award Paper of Honor in Surgery
10-Award Paper of Honor in Ophthalmology

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